№ 4, 2015 year

Who looks for anonymous texts of Dostoevsky? Where are the bounds of the newspaper and magazine text of a brilliant journalist and editor? What else could Dostoevsky write in the weekly journal "Grazhdanin" ("The Citizen")? Developing the theme: Why did the widow of Dostoevsky resort to the spiritualist Nikolai Vagner in an attempt to interpret her nightmare? What made the widow and a "woman on crutches" alike? What lesson could Max Stirner teach to the troublemakers in Dostoevsky’s novel "The Idiot"?

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L. V. Alekseeva
The Problems of Attribution in Researches on Fyodor Dostoevsky (Suggested Solutions Overview)
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3 - 10
V. A. Viktorovich
Dostoevsky. The Collective. "Grazhdanin" as a Creative Work of the Editor
Views: 3451; Downloads: 95;

11 - 20
Preparation of the text - V. A. Viktorovich
Views: 22; Downloads: 98;

21 - 27
V. S. Razd"yakonov
An Unknown Letter of Anna Dostoevskaya to Nicolai Wagner
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28 - 33
A. V. Indzinskaya
"All Sincerely yours and with on crutches, E. Shtakenshneyder": E. A. Shtakenshneyder's correspondence with A. G. Dostoevskaya
Views: 3275; Downloads: 71;

34 - 39
Preparation of the text and notes - A. V. Indzinskaya, V. A. Viktorovich
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40 - 52
S. A. Kibalnik
"An Episode with Modern Positivists" in Dostoevsky's Novel "The Idiot" (of additions to the comment)
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53 - 59