№ 2, 2018 year

What was the Lithuanian, Polish and Belorussian past of the Dostoevsky dynasty from Dostoevo? Is there a punctuation error in Dostoevsky's note? Why did Dostoevsky call the postmaster from Kuznetsk a "formalist"? What was in the telegrams of condolence addressed to the widow? How did a stenographer from Leningrad decipher the shorthand notes of Anna Grigoryevna Dostoevskaya?

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D. L. Bashkirov, S. L. Sharakov
The Dostoevskys from Dostoevo: "Belarus and F. M. Dostoevsky" as the Object of Research
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3 - 12
K. A. Barsht
"Abominably I don't Want to Mimic People". About one Ambiguous Phrase from Preparatory Materials to the Novel by F. M. Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment"
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13 - 28
E. D. Trukhan
Kuznetsky Postmaster Called "Formalist" by F. M. Dostoevsky
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29 - 44
P. E. Fokin
The Telegrams of Different People to Anna Dostoevskaya Expressing Condolences on the Death of Fyodor Dostoevsky (from the Manuscript Collection of Vladimir Dahl Russian State Literary Museum)
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45 - 68
I. S. Andrianova
"I am Devoted to Her Against Her Will": On the Decipherment of the Stenographic Diary of Anna Dostoevskaya by Ceciliya Poshemanskaya
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69 - 89