№ 4, 2021 year

More on Digital Dostoevsky": What would it take to publish Dostoevsky online in traditional spelling? Textology of the common cause: Why does a writer need envelopes from other people's letters? What do the deciphered names in Dostoevsky's notebooks tell us? Economics of publishing business: Whom, for what and how much did the Dostoevsky brothers pay? Non-coincidental meetings: Why did the historian Semevsky receive high royalties in the Vremya journal? Concerns of the heirs: How to receive royalties for the production of "The Brothers Karamazov" on the French stage? Portrait in the context of history: What did V. F. Pereverzev's student do in Iran? Archaeology or History: Why can't archaeologists find what is known from archival documents? Correcting mistakes: How to help an ignorant author?

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In Memory of Deborah Martinsen
Views: 71; Downloads: 31;

5 - 6
A. A. Skulkin
Prospects, Opportunities and Difficulties of Creating Digital Dostoevsky in Traditional Russian Orthography
Views: 336; Downloads: 39;

7 - 20
I. S. Andrianova
“To Answer”: Dostoevsky’s Notes and Marks on Letters and Еnvelopes of His Correspondents
Views: 323; Downloads: 37;

21 - 37
M. V. Zavarkina
Additions to the Сommentary (Based on F. M. Dostoevsky
Views: 330; Downloads: 35;

38 - 51
L. V. Alekseeva
From the Editorial Archive of the Journals "Vremya" and "Epokha" Published by the Dostoevsky Brothers
Views: 330; Downloads: 37;

52 - 90
E. A. Fedorova
Mikhail Semevsky and Fyodor Dostoevsky
Views: 310; Downloads: 31;

91 - 111
A. V. Khramykh
Letters of Anna and Lubov Dostoevsky in the Archive of the National Library of France
Views: 303; Downloads: 30;

112 - 129
Z. Sadeghi-Sahlabad, O. A. Kravchenko, A. A. Shuldishova
Fatima Riza-Zade (Sayyah), a Dostoevsky Scholar
Views: 334; Downloads: 36;

130 - 146
A. S. Syrovatko
Where in the Village of Darovoye Was the Dostoevsky Estate?
Views: 318; Downloads: 33;

147 - 176
N. A. Tarasova, S. A. Kibalnik, B. N. Tikhomirov, V. N. Zakharov
K. Barsht's Works on Dostoevsky: Imitation of Research
Views: 477; Downloads: 154;

177 - 231