№ 2, 2016 year

Was Dostoevsky co-author with A. U. Poretsky and V. F. Putsykovich? Did Dostoevsky take part in making editorial insertions in the articles of the authors of "Grazhdanin"? Who is the author of "The Pictures from Officer Life"? Which manuscripts of Dostoevsky did Fulop-Miller export illegally from the USSR? What are the differences between the final and rough manuscripts of Anna Dostoevskaya's notes to her husband's writings? What's new in her commentaries?

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A. V. Otlivanchik
Dostoevsky As A Co-Author of Alexander Poretsky and Victor Putsykovich in "Grazhdanin": Experience of Attribution
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3 - 30
A. V. Otlivanchik
Dostoevsky’s Editorial Insertions into the Articles Published in "Grazhdanin" (1873-1874)
Views: 3618; Downloads: 79;

31 - 44
L. V. Alekseeva
Who Is Behind the Pseudonym "X."?
Views: 3765; Downloads: 100;

45 - 53
O. A. Bogdanova
Which Manuscripts of Dostoevsky Were in "Piper-Verlag"?
Views: 4400; Downloads: 91;

54 - 69
T. V. Panyukova
The Notes of A. G. Dostoevskaya to Literary Works of F. M. Dostoevsky (two editions)
Views: 3736; Downloads: 110;

70 - 80
Publication and commentary T. V. Panukova
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81 - 137