№ 4, 2018 year

Current textual studies. "A bitter fate" of the word "Anany" instead of "Apathy": What o whom was Dostoevsky going to write a critical essay about? How can the system of manuscript symbols help to read correctly the shorthand of Dostoevsky? A chronological attribution: A debate over when Dostoevsky began filling in his “first” notebook? Who is right? A graphological test: How did a diddler use to get money out of softhearted Dostoevsky? In search of Dostoevsky’s lost letters: Which letters of Dostoevsky did V. F. Putsykovich offer for publication to the editor of the magazine "The Russian Review"? The "Kumanin Case" in the eyes of Anna Dostoevskaya: About how the wife, and later widow, helped to deal decently with that case. The menology by Doctor F. P. Gaaz: Births, baptismal ceremonies, saint’s days, weddings and deaths of children, nephews and nieces in A. М. Dostoevsky’s notes. Acquainted stenographers: How did stenography become no only a family business but a cultural mission of the Dostoevskys? From the literary heritage of Dostoevsky’s widow: What’s there behind her need in an artistic work?

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B. N. Tikhomirov
An Unknown Conception of Dostoevsky’s Critical Essay About the Play “A Bitter Fate” by A. F. Pisemsky
Views: 2179; Downloads: 99;

3 - 16
N. A. Tarasova, M. V. Zavarkina, T. V. Panyukova
Graphical Peculiarities of Dostoevsky’s Manuscripts: Materials for the Information Database
Views: 2546; Downloads: 111;

17 - 69
M. V. Zavarkina
The Problems of the Chronological Attribution of “the First” Notebook of F. M. Dostoevsky
Views: 2460; Downloads: 125;

70 - 93
T. V. Panyukova
And the Hidden Became the Evident: Sergey Fedorovich Kalugin, Correspondent of F. M. Dostoevsky
Views: 2184; Downloads: 75;

94 - 153
A. V. Otlivanchik
Fedor Dostoevsky’s Letters Addressed to Victor Putsykovich: the History of a Publication not Taking Place in “Russkoe Obozrenie”
Views: 2197; Downloads: 64;

154 - 175
Y. V. Yukhnovich
The “Kumanin Case” in Anna Dostoevskaya’s Memoirs and Letters
Views: 2397; Downloads: 133;

176 - 184
B. N. Tikhomirov
An Unknown Source of Biographical Data About the Family of A. M. Dostoevsky, Younger Brother of the Writer
Views: 2108; Downloads: 70;

185 - 205
O. A. Sosnovskaya
P. M. Olkhin and Yu.-W. Zeibig: Professors of Shorthand and Acquaintances of Dostoevsky's Family
Views: 2671; Downloads: 65;

206 - 223
I. S. Andrianova
The “Unread” Literary Heritage of the Wife of Fedor Dostoevsky (with the Texts of Her Unpublished Works)
Views: 2116; Downloads: 78;

224 - 260