№ 3, 2019 year

Biography by documents: What can we learn about life of the Dostoevsky in Darovoe based on the church books? Historic detective: What addresses did the "conspirators wthout conspiraсy" visit? Correction work: What else should we amend in the publications of Dostoevsky's notebooks of the 1860s? Applauses without wild cheers: What made the theatre scene of the 1880s-1890s dangerous for Dostoevsky's novels? Achievements in commerce: Where is the goof of Dostoevsky for children? Decipherment of the short hand notes: What else is hidden in the stenographic diary of Anna Dostoevskaya?

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E. M. Varentsova
Dostoevsky in Darovoe (Based on the Materials of the Manuscript Department of the Russian Literary History State Museum Named After V. I. Dahl)
Views: 1890; Downloads: 100;

5 - 17
B. N. Tikhomirov
Saint Petersburg of Dostoevsky as a Petrashevsky’s Circle Member (an Experience of Composing a Guide-book)
Views: 2248; Downloads: 122;

18 - 66
M. V. Zavarkina
Editorial Notes in the Notebooks of F. M. Dostoevsky in 1860‒1865
Views: 2278; Downloads: 150;

67 - 95
A. V. Burmistrova
Dostoevsky’s Novels on the Stage (Experience of the 1st Presentations)
Views: 2053; Downloads: 97;

96 - 115
R. Vassena
Dostoevsky for Сhildren: the Failure or Success of the First Children’s Book, Compiled by Anna Dostoevskaya (1883)
Views: 2063; Downloads: 77;

116 - 139
O. A. Sosnovskaya, I. S. Andrianova
The Unknown Shorthand Notes in the Diary of Anna Dostoevskaya, or What Didn’t Ceciliya Poshemanskaya Manage to Decipher
Views: 2161; Downloads: 102;

140 - 156