№ 2, 2015 year

One more unpublished letter of Dostoevsky. How can a spiritualist "have a heart to heart talk"? Why does Dostoevsky think social scientists and psychiatrists are necessary for studying gullibility of the audience? Where is it possible to buy the autographs of Dostoevsky? What did gendarme commander Smolkov teach the Petrashevtsy? Developing the discussion: who did Dostoevsky draw?

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Preparation of the text - E.N.Vyal, notes - O. A. Sosnovskaya.
Downloads: 61;

O. A. Sosnovskaya
Dostoevsky and Wagner: Biography in the Correspondence
Views: 1875; Downloads: 63;

Preparation of the text and publication by E. N. Vyal, O. V. Zakharova, O. A. Sosnovskaya; notes - O. A. Sosnovskaya
Downloads: 67;

A. V. Khramykh
Dostoevsky's Manuscripts at Foreign Auctions
Views: 1671; Downloads: 54;

V. N. Zakharov
Who Presented the Gospel to Dostoevsky in January 1850?
Views: 1781; Downloads: 45;

Preparation of the text and publication - E. N. Vyal, notes - L. V. Alekseeva
Downloads: 43;

Preparation of the text and publication - E. N. Vyal, notes - I. Andrianova
Downloads: 40;

K. A. Barsht
About Attribution of Portrait Drawings of Dostoevsky
Views: 1662; Downloads: 35;