№ 2, 2019 year

Correction work: Is it possible to make sense of Dostoevsky's records and understand how and when he was filling in the notebooks? Archival search: What was found out in the Manuscript Department of the State Literary Museum? Ups and Downs of study and life: How could brother Michail become a military engineer not having studied, however, in the General Ingineering School? Who was Fyodor Dostoevsky's teacher and what did the later teach him? Why was he obliged to repeat the year? Dostoevsky at the service in the Engineering Department: to make drafts or to write? Commentaries on the text: Who became famous thanks to the Altai «horned worm»? Сontinuation of the search: What new materials were found in Florentine archives? Sontemporaries, acquaintances and assistants: How did the writer's Adversary become his worshipper? What did the attorneys of the Dostoevskys care for?

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M. V. Zavarkina
The Problems of the Chronological Attribution of “the Second” Notebook of F. M. Dostoevsky
Views: 2206; Downloads: 171;

5 - 39
A. V. Petrova
F. M. Dostoevsky in the Documents of the Manuscript Department of The Russian Literary History State Museum Named After V. I. Dahl
Views: 2116; Downloads: 165;

40 - 55
E. D. Maskevich, B. N. Tikhomirov
The Teen Years of Mikhail and Fedor Dostoevsky (New Archival Materials of 1837–1839)
Views: 2063; Downloads: 139;

56 - 93
E. D. Maskevich, B. N. Tikhomirov
Dostoevsky in the Drafting Office of the Engineering Department (New Materials for the Biography, 1843–1844)
Views: 2019; Downloads: 81;

94 - 109
E. Y. Safronova
The Prototype of a German Scientist in the Story “Uncle’s Dream” of F. M. Dostoevsky
Views: 2129; Downloads: 80;

110 - 129
G. Astuto, I. V. Dergacheva
In the Footsteps of Dostoevsky in Florence
Views: 2076; Downloads: 93;

130 - 148
A. A. Proshchenko
F. M. Dostoevsky and A. S. Suvorin: Relationship History
Views: 2341; Downloads: 105;

149 - 170
Y. V. Yukhnovich
Lawyers in Dostoevsky’s Lawsuits
Views: 2115; Downloads: 180;

171 - 185