№ 2, 2020 year

Demythologization of facts and events: What social class did the Dostoevskys come from? How did doctor Mikhail Andreevich Dostoevsky study and serve, and what rank did he reach? Who sold the Darovoe estate to Maria Fyodorovna Dostoevsky? How did the tsarist regime punish political criminals? Which of the members of the Petrashevsky circle were paid money from the Treasury? How did Dostoevsky's Pushkin speech become an event in the Russian and European mass media? Death of the translator and correspondent of Dostoevsky: Where did the archive of Sergey Koloshin, which contained the letters of Mikhail and Fyodor Dostoevsky, vanish? Reconstruction of a concept: What did Dostoevsky want to say about socialism and Christianity? Continuation of the dispute: Who was the prototype of the main characters of Dostoevsky's Demons: members of the Nechaev circle or Petrashevites? Problems of attribution: Who wrote the editorial "Zhelanie" ("Desire") in "Grazhdanin" ("Citizen"): Meshchersky or Dostoevsky? Did Dostoevsky's dream come true: What did upper secondary education give to his children? In search of Dostoevsky: What interesting facts about the writer can be discovered in the album of the Argentinian collector A. I. Kalugin?

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A. S. Bessonova
Dismissal from Service (Resignation of M. A. Dostoevsky According to Archival Documents of 1837)
Views: 1762; Downloads: 116;

5 - 23
T. N. Dementyeva, L. A. Voronkina
Two Bills of Sale for Darovoe, the Dostoevsky Family Estate
Views: 1709; Downloads: 88;

24 - 37
E. D. Maskevich, B. N. Tikhomirov
The Petrashevites After the Semyonovsky Parade Ground Events, Commandant Nabokov and Emperor Nicholas I (New Details in the Biography of Mikhail and Fedor Dostoevsky)
Views: 1704; Downloads: 100;

38 - 68
M. V. Zavarkina
Socialism and Christianity: Problems of Attribution and Publication of Dostoevsky
Views: 2075; Downloads: 139;

69 - 97
I. V. Dergacheva
The Italian Path of the Slavophile S. P. Koloshin, Correspondent of F. M. Dostoevsky: Archival Materials
Views: 1825; Downloads: 80;

98 - 118
S. A. Kibalnik
The Nechaevtsy or the Petrashevites? (Prototypes of the Main Characters in Fedor Dostoevsky’s Novel Demons)
Views: 1915; Downloads: 114;

119 - 141
D. D. Buchneva
Who is the Author of the Editorial “Zhelanie” (“Desire”) in the First Issue of "Grazhdanin" ("Citizen") for 1873?
Views: 2037; Downloads: 194;

142 - 161
P. E. Fokin, A. V. Petrova
Pushkin Speech by Fedor Dostoevsky as an Event (Based on the Materials of the Manuscript Fund of the Vladimir Dahl State Museum of the History of Russian Literature)
Views: 1742; Downloads: 106;

162 - 195
A. D. Dostoevsky, N. V. Shwarts
“My Husband's Lifelong Dream Was for Our Children to Get an Education...”: Gymnasium Students Lyuba and Fedya Dostoevsky
Views: 1715; Downloads: 89;

196 - 218
I. S. Andrianova
An Album from Argentina: Dostoevsky in the Сollection of A. I. Kalugin
Views: 1866; Downloads: 105;

219 - 242