№ 4, 2016 year

The problems of a textual critic: How to read Dostoevsky’s handwriting and to publish the drafts of his manuscripts. Practical course in textual criticism: what mistakes should be corrected in the publications of Dostoevsky’s scribbling diaries? Dispute: Where did the old pawnbroker in the novel “Crime and Punishment” live? What have the researchers been mistaken about? Why did Dostoevsky intentionally confound addresses of some of his characters? Attribution: Who hid behind the pseudonym “Evgeniev” in the Journal “Grazhdanin”? How to identify the author basing on the initials Ig. P.A.”? Biography in letters: What did two editors of “Grazhdanin” – the predecessor and the successor - write to one another about?

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N. A. Tarasova
The Problems of the Publication of Dostoevsky’s Manuscripts (Based on Draft Manuscripts)
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3 - 22
N. A. Tarasova, T. V. Panyukova
Graphics — Semantics — Factography: Textual Problems of Dostoevsky’s Notebooks
Views: 2811; Downloads: 85;

23 - 46
Y. A. Dunaeva
One more Version of the Address of the “Old Pawnbroker’s House”
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47 - 60
B. N. Tikhomirov
More on the Address of the Old Pawnbroken Woman
Views: 3156; Downloads: 80;

61 - 78
A. V. Otlivanchik
Who Does the Pen Name Evgeniev in “Grazhdanin” Belong to?
Views: 168; Downloads: 72;

79 - 84
I. S. Andrianova
A Spiritual Poetess "Ig. P. A.": Attribution of the Letter of One Unknown Correspondent Of Dostoevsky
Views: 3612; Downloads: 149;

85 - 107
V. S. Zinkova, A. I. Solopova
"I Rely on You!.." (Correspondence of F. M. Dostoevsky with V. F. Putsykovich: Complete Corpus of Letters with Commentaries)
Views: 3010; Downloads: 74;

108 - 118
Preparation of the text and notes - V. S. Zinkova, A. I. Solopova
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119 - 273