№ 1, 2021 year

Two Hundred Years Together: How were Dostoevsky's anniversaries celebrated in Russia? Eureka: An unknown Dostoevsky text has been published! What pseudonyms did Dostoevsky use? What quotation with obscene language did Dostoevsky use in a letter to his brother Mikhail? Dostoevsky and Tolstoy did not know that they were relatives and that they had common ancestors until the 15th century. Rumors and gossip: Was the infant Simeon the illegitimate brother of the Dostoevskys? The village head's report: What income did the Dostoevsky estate bring? A brawler's intrigues: What did the resident of the Omsk military hospital Kryzhanovsky inform the authorities about? Controversy: How did the authors of Time and Epoch understand the split? Prototype without fiction: Did the "former prince" Dolgorukov read Dostoevsky's novel about "simply Dolgorukov"? The burden of the Kumanin inheritance: How did the lawyers cash in on the Dostoevskys? Age limit: What works by Dostoevsky were included in the circle of children's reading before the revolution? The Shkid pedagogical experiment: Dostoevsky or Dzerzhinsky schools?

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V. N. Zakharov
The Relevance of Dostoevsky
Views: 1438; Downloads: 171;

5 - 20
O. V. Zakharova
Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Pseudonyms. Insertion by F. M. Dostoevsky in the Feuilleton by N. N. Strakhov
Views: 1453; Downloads: 111;

21 - 41
I. S. Andrianova
“Don’t Be Abashed Reading This”: Shadow of Barkov in the Texts of Dostoevsky
Views: 1371; Downloads: 91;

42 - 60
A. S. Bessonova
Legends and Facts About the Life of M. A. Dostoevsky in Darovoe (1837—1839)
Views: 1300; Downloads: 72;

61 - 76
T. N. Dementyeva
Was the Dostoevsky Estate Profitable?
Views: 1210; Downloads: 74;

77 - 102
M. A. Kalinin
Brawler and Snitch: Lev Petrovich Kryzhanovsky, Resident of the Omsk Military Hospital (Using Archival Sources)
Views: 1175; Downloads: 48;

103 - 119
L. V. Alekseeva
The Issue of the Split (Schism) in the Vremya and Epokha Journals (1861–1865)
Views: 1544; Downloads: 74;

120 - 148
V. V. Borisova
“The Former Prince” Vsevolod Dolgorukov as a Prototype and Reader of Dostoevsky’s Novel The Raw Youth
Views: 1318; Downloads: 105;

149 - 167
Y. V. Yukhnovich
Lawyers’ Tricks, or What Did the Dostoevskys Get from the Sale of the Tula Estate
Views: 1238; Downloads: 79;

168 - 182
R. Vassena
Dostoevsky’s Repertoire for Children
Views: 1259; Downloads: 66;

183 - 205
A. A. Proshchenko
“Dostoevsky Schools” in the Russian Press
Views: 1289; Downloads: 52;

206 - 241