№ 1, 2016 year

Why did the editors of "Grazhdanin" publish the sermon of Stanley twice: its brief summary and its complete translation? Dispute: Who is the author of an editorial version of the sermon of an Anglican priest? How did the future Chief Procurator of the Holy Synod translate the sermon of an Anglican theologian? Why did Tolstoy and Dostoevsky go to the Optina Hermitage? Why did a fiction writer Stakheev bury his neighbor six years before the death of the latter? А. G. Dostoevskaya: One more testimony about Elder Ambrose of Optina and the story about F. N. Ornatsky. What interesting can we know from the archive covers of A. G. Dostoevskaya for epistolary materials of her spouse?

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A. V. Otlivanchik
More on Editorial Interference of F. Dostoevsky with the Publication of the Sermon of the Dean of Westminster Abbey A.-P. Stanley ("Grazhdanin". 1874. No. 2)
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3 - 12
V. A. Viktorovich
"Awkwardness of Publishers" or the Triumph of Journalism? (Response to the Opponent)
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13 - 23
A. I. Solopova, O. A. Ustyugova, I. S. Andrianova
Comparative Analysis of the Sermon of A.-P. Stanley and Its Translation by K. P. Pobedonostsev
Views: 3728; Downloads: 114;

24 - 34
Preparation of the text - A.I. Solopova, translation - O.A. Ustyugova.
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35 - 57
V. N. Zakharov
From the Forgotten Memoirs. P. Matveev about F. Dostoevsky, N. Strakhov, L. Tolstoy
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58 - 70
Preparation of the text— E. N. Vyal, notes — L. V. Alekseeva
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71 - 78
Preparation of the text - E. N. Vyal, notes - T. V. Panyukova
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79 - 93
I. S. Andrianova
From Unknown Memoirs. Anna Dostoevskaya about Elder Ambrose of Optina (based on the stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky and F. N. Ornatsky)
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94 - 107
O. A. Sosnovskaya
About Typology, Structure and Functions of Archival Covers of A. G. Dostoevskaya
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108 - 119