№ 2, 2021 year

Author's biography: What do we know about Dostoevsky's classical education? What was taught at the Cermak boarding school? Contrary to the researchers' conviction, Dostoevsky knew Latin well! Isaev's apology: How did rumors denigrate a terminally ill person as a drunkard? History lessons in earnest and in jest: Garibaldi wins even when defeated. Textual criticism issues: What do mathematicians advise in discussions of attribution of anonymous articles in the "Vremya" and "Epokha" journals? From the life of the "Epokha": With whom did Dostoevsky interact? Journalists' collusions: The Pushkin Speech: How can we understand today what its contemporaries did not? The Temptation of Merezhkovsky: Dostoevsky or the Revolution?

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E. L. Smirnova
Dostoevsky and Antiquity: Classical Education at the L. I. Chermak Boarding School
Views: 1107; Downloads: 67;

5 - 33
A. A. Skoropadskaya
Dostoevsky's Latin language
Views: 1066; Downloads: 47;

34 - 47
E. D. Trukhan
In Defense of Alexander Ivanovich Isaev (Using Materials of the State Archive of the Tomsk Region)
Views: 1074; Downloads: 49;

48 - 67
N. V. Shwarts
Dostoevsky's Garibaldi: additions to the commentary
Views: 1064; Downloads: 49;

68 - 80
O. V. Zakharova
Attribution in the Statistics Mirror Anonymous Articles in the “Vremya” and “Epokha” Journals Published by the Dostoevsky Brothers’
Views: 1130; Downloads: 75;

81 - 106
M. V. Zavarkina
Unidentified Names in the “First” Notebook of F. M. Dostoevsky (1864–1865)
Views: 1087; Downloads: 65;

107 - 121
V. A. Viktorovich
The Effect of the Pushkin Speech in Russian Journalism
Views: 1206; Downloads: 71;

122 - 156
E. A. Andruschenko
D. S. Merezhkovsky’s Ploy: The Article Written by the Critic for A. G. Dostoevskaya
Views: 1058; Downloads: 56;

157 - 173