№ 4, 2020 year

Critical review: What are Dostoevsky researchers debating today? Dostoevsky's Pushkin speech: What did the witnesses make up? Biography as a film frame: Why do filmmakers lie? Riddles of biography: Who owned the village of Darovoe and the manor house of Darovaya before 1852? A new autograph of Dostoevsky was discovered in a photo taken over a century ago. Did Dostoevsky have an affair with the adventurer Marfa Brown? The tasks of textual criticism: Who invented the Latin aphorism "Strepitu belli propelluntur artes"? Which Roman Caesars did Dostoevsky recall in his sketches for the novel The Idiot? How does handwriting analysis help to correct the publishers' mistakes?

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V. V. Borisova, S. S. Shaulov
Dostoevsky at the Turn of the 21st Century: Antinomies of Interpretation
Views: 3280; Downloads: 116;

5 - 47
V. A. Viktorovich
Dostoevsky’s Pushkin Speech in the Testimonies of Contemporaries
Views: 1538; Downloads: 90;

48 - 69
L. I. Saraskina
Truths and Lies in a TV Series About “Dostoevsky Beyond the Textbook”
Views: 1536; Downloads: 64;

70 - 105
T. N. Dementyeva, L. A. Voronkina
Darovoe Estate and Its Owner (According to New Archival Documents)
Views: 1674; Downloads: 92;

106 - 131
B. N. Tikhomirov
The Marriage Allegation No. 17: Text and Fate (Dostoevsky’s Wedding in Kuznetsk on February 6, 1857)
Views: 1460; Downloads: 64;

132 - 157
S. O. Zakharchenko
Epistolary Affair of F. M. Dostoevsky and Adventurer Marfa Brown
Views: 1659; Downloads: 103;

158 - 176
E. L. Smirnova
Roman Emperors in Dostoevsky’s Calligraphic Notes to The Idiot
Views: 1702; Downloads: 69;

177 - 207
A. A. Skoropadskaya
Strepitu belli propelluntur artes: Dostoevsky’s Latin Aphorism
Views: 1586; Downloads: 66;

208 - 221
N. A. Tarasova, T. V. Panyukova
Semantics and Ideography of Dostoevsky's Handwritten Text: from Handwriting to Meaning
Views: 1586; Downloads: 87;

222 - 292