№ 2, 2017 year

Jurisprudence in literary criticism: What do procedural details of the investigation into the death of Michail Andreevich Dostoevsky manifest? The problems of attribution: How to guess an author by his initials? Is it worth correcting the date on the letter of Princess Shalikova? The matters of biography: What did a philosopher and writer teach miss Stakenschneider? Who did Dostoevsky intercat with and visit in a resort town Staraya Russa?

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G. S. Prokhorov
The Case of Mikhail Andreevich Dostoevsky’s Death, or What Did Judges Sweat Away During a Year and a Half
Views: 1223; Downloads: 40;

I. S. Andrianova
“A Friend of Writers” Mikhail Yazykov and Fedor Dostoevsky: History of Relationship in Letters, Attribution, Commentary
Views: 1513; Downloads: 89;

A. V. Otlivanchik
The Princess Natalia Shalikova is F. M. Dostoevsky’s Correspondent
Views: 1084; Downloads: 45;

V. A. Viktorovich
An Ordeal by “Practical Philisophy” or Two Teachers of Elena Stakenschneider
Views: 1181; Downloads: 43;

Y. V. Yukhnovich
The Neighbors of Dostoevsky in Staraya Russa
Views: 1154; Downloads: 51;