№ 3, 2022 year

Questions of textual criticism: How to find Dostoevsky's anonymous texts in the journals "Vremya", "Epokha" and the weekly "Grazhdanin"? How to decipher Dostoevsky's handwriting? Around and about the biography: What did Dostoevsky admire about Dr. Hindenburg? The fate of people and things: Where did the boy hide to hear Dostoevsky's reading? Dostoevsky in Siberia: a new edition in Tobolsk

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V. N. Zakharov
Problems of Attribution of Anonymous Articles in Dostoevsky’s Publications
Views: 666; Downloads: 68;

5 - 24
D. D. Buchneva
Attribution Problems in Dostoevsky’s “Grazhdanin” (“The Citizen”): Debate and Arguments
Views: 758; Downloads: 84;

25 - 53
L. V. Alekseeva, T. V. Panyukova
Graphic Aspects of Textual Interpretation of Dostoevsky’s Handwritten Text
Views: 633; Downloads: 54;

54 - 77
E. Y. Safronova
Dostoevsky and Hindenburg: a Literary Text in a Biographical Context
Views: 661; Downloads: 47;

78 - 115
Y. P. Zarodova
F. M. Dostoevsky at the Stackenschneider Salon (How and Thanks to Whom the St. Petersburg Relics Ended Up in Omsk)
Views: 602; Downloads: 53;

116 - 135
A. V. Otlivanchik
Dostoevsky’s Siberian Letters (Book Review: F. M. Dostoevsky. “The Rebirth of My Beliefs”/ scientific ed. V. F. Molchanov, V. E. Vishnevskaya. Tobolsk, Izdatel’skiy otdel TROBF “Vozrozhdenie Tobol’ska” Publ., 2021. 40 p.)
Views: 598; Downloads: 51;

136 - 147