№ 2, 2023 year

Dostoevsky's calligraphy: Perspectives of study. Topography of the novel Petersburg: How not to get lost in modern Petersburg, comparing it with the novel and historical images? Dostoevsky's Thesaurus: How to unravel Dostoevsky's cultural code in a terminological dictionary? Literature and disease: What diseases did critics want to cure Dostoevsky of? Winter in Moscow: Who doesn't remember Lamovsky's original hunting stories? Big family: The Dostoevskys, the Shers and the Stavrovskys. Darovoye in the archives: How did the peasants of the Dostoevsky landowners and their neighbors live? Forgotten criticism: Strakhov's article about Dostoevsky's "Pushkin's Speech", written on June 13, 1880 in Yasnaya Polyana.

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N. A. Tarasova
Dostoevsky’s Calligraphy: Problems of Study
Views: 416; Downloads: 66;

5 - 57
B. N. Tikhomirov
“An Insignificant Tavern Conversation Had an Extraordinary Influence on Him…” (Tavern Meetings of Rodion Raskolnikov in the Local History Context)
Views: 358; Downloads: 47;

58 - 80
V. V. Borisova
Terminological Thesaurus of the Gospel Text by Dostoevsky: Сorpus Analysis and Interpretation Results
Views: 439; Downloads: 64;

81 - 112
V. N. Zakharov
Patient Dostoevsky
Views: 371; Downloads: 50;

113 - 129
V. B. Davletbaeva, E. B. Emchenko
“On Saturdays We Went to Take Lessons in Mathematics to Lamovsky”: Alexander Mikhailovich Lamovsky and the Dostoevsky Family
Views: 408; Downloads: 36;

130 - 154
I. M. Drobyshevskaya, B. N. Tikhomirov
Grandsons of Grandfather Fyodor Nechaev: Pedigrees of Intelligence in the Field of Genealogy of F. M. Dostoevsky (from the Additions to “The Chronicle of the Generations of Dostoevskys”)
Views: 375; Downloads: 63;

155 - 195
A. S. Bessonova
Dostoevsky’s Darovoe in Archival Documents of the Russian Geographical Society
Views: 367; Downloads: 44;

196 - 223
V. A. Viktorovich
N. N. Strakhov and Dostoevsky’s “Pushkin Speech”
Views: 366; Downloads: 43;

224 - 246