№ 3, 2023 year

Manuscripts for printing: Why do we need a catalog of Dostoevsky’s graphics? How did the expert evaluation help to recognize the writer’s autograph in a well-known text? What types of handwriting did Dostoevsky use? Who and how preserved the lost letter from E. F. Junge to Dostoevsky? Book and labor: How did Dostoevsky’s widow publish the writer’s collected works? Caricature and metaphor: What did Iskra laugh at in the controversy with "Vremya" magazine? Fate and text: the curse of the sinner in the novel and in Moscow.

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T. V. Panyukova
Electronic Catalog of F. M. Dostoevsky’s Graphics: Sign, Letter, Text
Views: 214; Downloads: 57;

5 - 25
B. N. Tikhomirov
The Unaccounted Autograph of Dostoevsky (More on the Writer’s Calligraphy as a Textological Problem)
Views: 197; Downloads: 47;

26 - 41
V. N. Zakharov
How Many Handwritings Does Dostoevsky Have: Typology Tasks
Views: 217; Downloads: 50;

42 - 62
M. V. Mikhnovets, I. S. Andrianova
The Lost Letter of E. F. Junge to F. M. Dostoevsky
Views: 205; Downloads: 49;

63 - 88
O. V. Zakharova
“Iskra” Versus “Vremya”: Controversy Over “Soil”
Views: 151; Downloads: 25;

89 - 109
V. N. Stepchenkova
Technology of Book Production (from the Experience of A. G. Dostoevskaya)
Views: 222; Downloads: 41;

110 - 133
I. V. Dergacheva
The Motive of the Sinner’s Curse in the Text and Context of F. M. Dostoevsky’s Novel “The Idiot”
Views: 163; Downloads: 30;

134 - 148