№ 1, 2022 year

The author’s biography: to which of the two icons of the Mother of God "The Sign" did Dostoevsky pray? What residential buildings did the Dostoevsky estate comprise? With whom did Dostoevsky go on stage in the production of Gogol's comedy "The Government Inspector"? Did Merezhkovsky use Dostoevsky's advice: “In order to write, you need to suffer”? Lessons in textual criticism: what can E. N. Konshina teach modern textologists? Collector's thrill: how did Italian autographs end up in A. G. Dostoevskaya’s collection? New books: what do the anniversary works about Dostoevsky reveal?

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B. N. Tikhomirov
“The Dark Face of the Virgin at the Znamenskaya Church” (The Icon Before Which Dostoevsky Prayed)
Views: 832; Downloads: 71;

5 - 19
A. S. Bessonova, V. A. Viktorovich
Searching for the Dostoevsky House (Notes on the Failed Sensation)
Views: 792; Downloads: 51;

20 - 37
O. A. Bogdanova
“And Going Down to the Coffin…”: on Dostoevsky’s Meeting with Merezhkovsky in 1880
Views: 811; Downloads: 44;

38 - 60
B. N. Tikhomirov
Amateur Actors Who — Partnered with Dostoevsky in the Production of Gogol's Comedy “The Inspector” (From the Additions to the Dictionary “F. M. Dostoevsky and His Entourage”)
Views: 765; Downloads: 39;

61 - 79
R. B. Akhmetshin
E. N. Konshina and Her Work on the Publication of Dostoevsky’s Notebooks
Views: 788; Downloads: 41;

80 - 98
I. S. Andrianova, S. Aloe
Autographs in Italian: A. G. Dostoevskaya’s Collection
Views: 872; Downloads: 72;

99 - 123
O. Y. Yureva
When the Unknown Becomes Known: Textual Criticism, Biography, Criticism (Review of Books Published by the RFBR Competition “Sources and Methods in the Study of the Legacy of F. M. Dostoevsky in Russian and World Culture”)
Views: 843; Downloads: 70;

124 - 155
.. .
In memory of Louis Allain
Views: 67; Downloads: 35;

156 - 157