№ 1, 2023 year

Dostoevsky's Moscow: What can we learn about the writer's genealogy from birth registers and confessional records of the Moscow archives? What did the retired lieutenant Dostoevsky do at the Konstantinovsky Surveying Institute? The estate in Darovoe: What peasant children could have the Dostoevsky brothers interacted with in childhood? Family Affairs: How did the Dostoevsky spouses publish and sell books? What secrets of the genius writer’s life and work are revealed in Anna Grigoryevna's notebooks?

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I. M. Drobyshevskaya, B. N. Tikhomirov
The Moscow Branch of the Family Tree of F. M. Dostoevsky: New Archival and Printed Sources
Views: 811; Downloads: 184;

5 - 80
V. B. Davletbaeva, E. B. Emchenko
“To Whom He Did Not Do!”: Alexander Pavlovich Ivanov in the circle of Dostoevskys
Views: 655; Downloads: 59;

81 - 105
T. N. Dementyeva
The Population of Darovoe Based on Revision Tales of the 1830s — 1850s
Views: 628; Downloads: 44;

106 - 144
M. V. Zavarkina
Publishing and Book Trade of the Dostoevskys
Views: 818; Downloads: 102;

145 - 187
I. S. Andrianova
Anna Dostoevskaya’s Notebooks: Published and Overlooked
Views: 730; Downloads: 124;

188 - 203